Youth and Family Support Program

Individual - Family - Group Support - Education - Referrals

What is the "support" part of our program? By listening and building on what people already do well we offer children, youth and families ways to learn new skills and take action for current and future life concerns.

Some of these skill building topics include:

  • Positive Communication
  • Recognition and Expressiion of Feelings
  • Social Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Increasing self confidence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Expression
  • Bullying
  • Divorce/Separation/Grief/Loss

Please call to make an appointment or drop in for more information.

Youth & Family Support Worker

780-992-0103 - 25

Youth & Family Support Worker

780-992-0103 - 26


We also provide supported referrals that connect invididuals/families with other community agencies that best meet their needs.

Please call us if you are interested in a program you do not see listed.  We work together with our community partners, as well as continue to expand the programs we offer to better support youth and familes.

We will do our best to help you find the support and information that you need.       




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